CeeLo Green borrows Childish Gambino’s incredible "Redbone" single to deliver an irresistible new remix.

The rapper-singer is one of the most soulful artists in hip-hop so listening to him on "Redbone," a single off Gambino’s funk-inspired album, Awaken, My Love!, will instantly make your day better. Digital Trends shared the remix after revealing the news that they received the song from CeeLo himself after the Goodie Mobb member texted them at 2 a.m.

While the original single was a warning, CeeLo's version changes the song into a seductive vibe. This is a track to put on repeat for the rest of the day. 

"It was a journey to the heart of you/But I'm glad I finally found it, yeah/And baby we got to go through it/Because ain't no way around it/Then she cuts me off with a kiss/Love's got nothing to do with this/Just the heat of the moment reminds you of something I should miss," he sings.

CeeLo isn't the only rapper to remix "Redbone." Last month, Bodega Bamz flipped Gambino’s “Redbone" for a new song called “Heartbreak Hotel.”

The hip-hop vet is gearing up for his upcoming album under the alias Gnarly Davidson. It's time to get excited.

Listen to CeeLo's "Redbone" remix below.

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