It's safe to say Cardi B has fans in Virginia. The reality show star turned rapper has been working her street hit, "Bodak Yellow," and recently made he way down to the Old Dominion state for a few shows. Oh, and they were lit AF.

Cardi performed in the state capital of Richmond and traveled down to the Tidewater region for shows in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Along the way, she posted footage from her sets, which are packed out and full of women who knew every single word. And we mean every word.

In footage posted onto Cardi's IG page, she performs in Richmond, and honestly doesn't even have to rap because the crowd is going in for her. In more footage from Va. Beach, she turns up with a drink in her hand while the crowd raps her lines.

This probably won't do much to help her work on perfecting her set, with the crowd doing most of the work. But her ego and stock have to be truly on the rise after seeing stuff like this.

"Bodak Yellow" earned Cardi her first spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart last week at No. 85, and has gone a long way in proving to her peers that she's no fluke. “Just because I used to be a stripper does not mean that I’m not fucking talented my nigga," she recently vented on social media. "I sit down, I write my shit and I take my time in the studio, and everything I rap about is real life shit. I don’t lie about the shit that I have or the shit that I did. I always been like that. Y’all niggas always bashing women down, fuck out of here.”

Check out footage from the insane shows below.

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