Boosie BadAzz says he's been having some intensely violent dreams as the result of going through weed withdrawals.

 Boosie Talks Going Through Weed Withdrawals

On Wednesday (Aug. 23), VladTV aired the latest segment of their new interview with reoccurring guest Boosie BadAzz, who talked about preparing to go to trial for his latest gun case. Currently under pre-trial conditions that prevent him from smoking weed, the Louisiana rapper claims he is going through withdrawals.

"I can’t smoke weed," he told Vlad, first explaining the positive side to his new lifestyle. "I’m getting my color back. Man, I feel more healthier."

"I was smoking five years straight — exotic," Boosie added. "Yeah, it was like food. When I stopped, I was going through withdrawals, man."

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Boosie Details Nightmares

"My nightmares were crazy, bro," Boosie added. "I got ate by a bear when I was fishing. I was in New York with something on a contract, and I fell off the building. I was at dinner, the other night, I was at dinner and a woman came behind me and just stabbed me and my back while I was talking to another woman. I was breaking out with sweats, man. I'm getting better now."

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See video of Boosie detailing the wild dreams he's been having while going through weed withdrawals below.

Watch Boosie's New VladTV Interview

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