The abortion debate is, arguably, one of the most polarizing topics on social media, and Boosie BadAzz is not afraid to share his thoughts on the issue. In a recent interview, the rap veteran believes banning abortions could lead to prostitution.

In a DJ Vlad interview, which was posted on YouTube on July 23, Boosie BadAzz was asked about the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, which had given women the constitutional right to an abortion for nearly 50 years. The court's decision will make way for states to either ban or severely restrict the availability of an abortion procedure across the country.

When DJ Vlad asked Boosie if he’s pro-choice, he said yes and quoted Tupac Shakur’s famous line from his classic 1993 song, "Keep Your Head Up": "And since a man can't make one/He has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one."

Vlad then asked Boosie, "Do you think that overall abortion is a good thing especially for unplanned pregnancies?" to which he said, "Yes, because a child can destroy."

"You gotta understand especially with, we gotta bring this to care for our kids," Boosie explained further. "You know we're saying every baby has to be but you can't put a baby out a baby."

To drive home his point, Boosie asked Vlad, "Do you want a 13 year old to keep a baby? You know who's never fed herself?"

He continued: "Now you're leading her into prostitution and selling pussy. Now it's a whole, it's a whole [other thing]. You can look at this in so many different ways, but I'm gonna make you look at the way that I want you to look at."

Boosie concluded, "A woman’s body is her body. We [men] can't push [nothing] out. Shit, we'll be aborting every muthafuckin' thing."

While Boosie may have a point, the outspoken rapper, who is the father of eight children, is suggesting that the constitutional right to an abortion should remain intact.

Watch Boosie BadAzz Talk About the Issue of Banning Abortions with DJ Vlad Below

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