It's been over six years since the hat-tossing, two-stepping Bobby Shmurda was put behind bars and he's released a statement ahead of his impending release from prison tomorrow.

On Monday (Feb. 22), the 26-year-old rapper shared a post via his Instagram Story, revealing that his IG page had been hacked, but he's back in action via social media thanks to his team.

"My team created this Instagram page after my original page was hacked but thanks to my dedicated fans I managed to get my page verified and also 1M followers without ever being active on this page," Shmurda wrote. "Thank you for remaining loyal and for riding this six year sentence out with me. I love you all and look forward to seeing you soon. Sincerely, Bod boy Bobby (whisper emoji) ah ahh ahhh."

Bobby Shmurda releases statement prison release
realbobbyshmurdags9 via Instagram

Bobby's recent statement comes after reports that the Brooklyn rapper is eligible to be released as soon as tomorrow (Feb. 23). A rep for the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision confirmed to XXL this morning that Bobby is eligible and his release is "done by statute and not by action of the Board of Parole." Initially, his potential early release last September was denied by the NYS DOCCS Board of Parole. His conditional release date was later bumped up to February of 2021.

Last week, Bobby's close friend and collaborator, Rowdy Rebel, hinted at the "Hot Nigga" rhymer being a free man in the coming days via social media. At the time, Rowdy, who was recently released from prison as well, noted that there were six days left until Bobby Shmurda would be able to walk freely out of the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York.

Meanwhile, according to a report from TMZ today, Shmurda plans to keep things on a calmer note once he's released. Bobby Shmurda's mom, Leslie Pollard, apparently told the outlet that her son wants to "chill" and get back to the music once freed.

Bobby was arrested in 2014, stemming from an indictment on his GS9 crew. He accepted a plea deal on charges of conspiracy to possess weapons and possession of a weapon. He was originally scheduled to be released in December of this year.

According to the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, Bobby Shmurda will be on parole until Feb. 23, 2026.

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