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2014: Today, Dec. 17, marks four years since Brooklyn, NY rapper Bobby Shmurda and 12 other members of his GS9 crew, was arrested in New York City.

The "Hot Nigga" rapper was a rising star in the rap game in the summer of 2014. Bobby's #ShmoneyDance craze associated with viral song painted the Jamaican-American as the fresh face of a new generation of Brooklyn rappers along with MCs like Troy Ave and Joey Bada$$. The viral track soon scored Shmurda a label deal with Epic Records, but his past caught up with him faster than he had hoped in December of that same year.

Bobby and his GS9 members were arrested while inside Quad Studios and police recovered 21 weapons during the sweep. The arrests were the result of an intensive investigation of GS9’s criminal activities. Police had tied the members of GS9 to a number of criminal activities ranging from shooting indiscriminately at crowds in public places to dealing crack and starting gang wars in Brooklyn.

News of the rapper's arrest quickly spread on social media with many fans tweeting out #FreeShmurda. The 20-year-old was originally charged with conspiracy, reckless endangerment and weapons possession, but when he showed up to be arraigned in court the next day, Bobby found out that he and his crew faced much dire charges.

Bobby himself was charged with additional conspiracy in the second degree, three counts of conspiracy in the third degree, reckless endangerment in the second degree, two counts of criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree and one count of criminal possession of drug paraphernalia. Other members of the crew were charged with counts of assault and murder.

Fast forward to Sept. 2, 2016 when Bobby pleaded guilty to one count of third-degree conspiracy and one count of weapons possession as a part of a plea deal. The rapper was convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison.

In early 2017, Shmurda was sentenced to four additional years after entering a guilty plea for attempting to sneak a shank into Rikers Island back in 2015. Luckily, for him, the Brooklyn rapper will serve the sentence for the shank concurrently, so it won't be added on top of the seven-year bid he's already serving.

At around the same time as the shank incident, Shmurda appeared to be doing as well as could be, settling into his life behind bars, and working in the prison commissary. Photos of the incarcerated MC surfaced in Oct. of 2017, marking the first time the public got a glimpse at Shmurda since being locked up.

As of Oct. 2018, it's been reported that Bobby could be eligible for parole in 2020, and his mother, Leslie Pollard, has been maintaining her positive vibes, keeping the "Hot N---a" rapper's fans updated through her social media posts.

Most recently, Bobby Shmurda was featured on "Stoopid," a single off of the also currently incarcerated 6ix9ine's latest album Dummy Boy.

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