Bia claps back at Cardi B with an abrasive diss track.

Bia Addresses Cardi B With Diss Track

On Saturday (June 1), Bia hopped on Instagram Live and shared a diss track aimed at Cardi B. This after Cardi went on IG Live and threatened to sue Bia for allegedly spreading rumors that she had cheated on her estranged husband Offset.

During Bia's live session, which can be viewed below, she played the diss track where she alleges that Cardi cheated on Offset and also mentioned her children, Wave and Culture.

On the chorus, Bia spits, "Got a dark soul, got a bright future/Imma let her know I'm a sharp shooter/You ain't nothin' but a f**k girl, I see right through ya."

Elsewhere, Bia clowns Cardi's physical appearance and how she talks.

"Say you love yourself but you won't put that on your kids/All that surgery and how your body is so mid," she raps. "I thought your a*s was for the culture/You just tryna ride the wave/You should be home with your kids 'cause b***h you speak like you in second grade."

Bia captioned her IG post, "'SUE ME' ??? That's not hip hop."

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Cardi B Threatens to Sue Bia Over Alleged Cheating Rumors

Bia's diss track comes after Cardi B went on IG Live and opened up about her issues with Bia. During her session, which can be viewed below, the Bronx rapper revealed that she and the "Whole Lotta Money" rapper had a phone conversation in an attempt to sort out their differences directly. But the phone call apparently did not go well.

Nevertheless, Cardi made it clear on her Live that she is not copying Bia's style or her music. Period.

"I'm so appalled at the fact that she thinks I'm copying her, or stealing from her, 'cause there’s nothing that she do that I like. I don’t like her music, I don’t like her style…I don’t even see the b***h," she said.

Cardi also issued a stern warning to Bia that she will sue her if she continues to spread false allegations that she cheated on Offset.

"B***h, you lyin' on my f**kin' p***y?" Cardi said. "When you lie about my p***y, I'mma sue you and you got to come with receipts. And not social media receipts, you gotta come with court receipts."

"One thing you are not gon' do, you are not gon' lie on my p***y and you are not gon' lie about me steppin' out on my s**t," she added.

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Bia Appears to Respond Cardi B Diss

On Friday (May 31), GloRilla released her new track, "Wanna Be (Remix)," which features Cardi B. At the conclusion of her verse, the Bronx rhymer seemingly disses fellow rapper Bia.

"Guess I'm a teacher since you wanna sub me (Ah)/She did what? Had no idea (Idea)/Thought she was on the shelf, Ikea (Ikea)," Cardi raps. "Better talk like that when I see her (Woo)/B***h, please, don't nobody wanna be ya (Ah)/Cheap lookin' a*s h*e, weak lookin' a*s h*e/Great Value me lookin'-a*s h*e/Girl, these b***es be p***y/Delete every tweet lookin-a*s h*e."

A couple of hours later, Bia seemed to reply to Cardi's apparent diss on X.

"B****S IS WACK. B****S IS TRASH" Bia posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. "I SHOULD HANG B****S RIGHT OVER MY KNEE, THE WAY I BE PUTTIN MY BELT TO THEY A******S [crying laughing emojis]."

Bia responds to Cardi B.

The origins of their long-standing feud stems from Bia's accusations that Cardi B was imitating her image and style, which Cardi vehemently denied.

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See Bia's Instagram Live session where she shares her Cardi B diss track below.

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