Anti-Semitic demonstrators showing support for Kanye West's recent comments about Jewish people recently made a scene on a Los Angeles freeway overpass and are facing backlash from L.A. officials.

On Oct. 22, photos surfaced of a group of men holding a demonstration with banners hanging over the overpass of a freeway in L.A.  "Honk if you know Kanye is right about the Jews," two signs come together to read. One of the signs promotes a YouTube page, which is filled with anti-Semitic content, as well as a video titled Spiritual Warfare and the N*gger Enlightenment. Ironically, there are also two Bible verses displayed on the sign. The men in the photo appear to be doing Nazi salutes.



The demonstration has been condemned by Los Angeles officials.

"L.A. is a city of belonging, not hate," Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti wrote on Twitter on Sunday (Oct. 23). "We condemn this weekend’s anti-Semitic incidents. Jewish Angelenos should always feel safe. There is no place for discrimination or prejudice in Los Angeles. And we will never back down from the fight to expose and eliminate it."

Mayor of LA condemns Kanye West supporters' demonstration.

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón concurred.

"We cannot tolerate the #AntiSemitism that was on full display today on an LA Fwy," he tweeted on Sunday as well. "#WhiteSupremacy is a societal cancer that must be excised. This message is dangerous & cannot be normalized. I stand with the Jewish community in condemning this disgusting behavior. @ADL @LAvsHate."

L.A. DA's office condemns Kanye West supporters' demonstration.

Kanye West has been the subject of scorn for the past few weeks for his White Lives Matter stancecontinuous use of anti-Semitic rhetoric—which he fully acknowledges is racist—and lies about the manner of George Floyd's death.

In the fallout, Ye has been called out by American Jewish Committee CEO Ted Deutch, threatened with a $250 million lawsuit by the George Floyd family and had several companies cut ties with him including Balenciaga and Vogue magazine. Adidas recently announced its partnership with the controversial rapper is up for review.

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