AEW wrestler Jade Cargill was captured on camera confronting Bow Wow in Miami, with security having to step in to whisk her and her associates away.

Last night (Nov. 20), The Millennium Tour Turned Up costarring Bow Wow was at the FTX Arena in Miami. During what appears to be a meet and greet after the show, actor pierre.pope filmed video of the wild scene where Cargill apparently ran down on Bow Wow. The video starts with Cargill and two other women, who appear to be wrestlers Red Velvet and Kiera Hogan, collectively known as The Baddie Section, screaming on Bow Wow while security stands in between them.

The scene looks intense, with one of the women attempting to throw popcorn in Bow Wow's face. The security eventually physically picks up Cargill's counterparts and moves them away from Bow Wow, while another security member pushes an irate Cargill away. It is unclear what the argument was over, or if this was just played up for the cameras for some type of wrestling promo.

Earlier in the day, Cargill responded to Bow Wow congratulating her on winning the AEW TBS Championship over Nyla Rose to remain 42-0 by telling the rapper to "shut up."

Bow Wow and Jade Cargill had static not too long ago on social media. Last month, Bow Wow attempted to shoot his shot at the wrestler on Twitter after saying he wanted to get into wrestling. He was instantly shut down.

"After my first win, I just wanna take you out somewhere, [Jade Cargill]," tweeted the rapper.

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