Bow Wow has reacted to a viral claim made by actor Orlando Brown, who recently said the rapper has "bomb-ass pussy."

On Thursday (July 14), Bow Wow addressed Brown's wild statement after being prompted  by fans on Twitter.

"Since when legends got to speak on fuckery?" the "Shortie Like Mine" rapper tweeted. "I'm filming my new tv show as we speak and preparing for a sold out show at the 02 arena for the Millennium Tour in London. I'ma 35 yr old father I don't play them type games. You do know this Bow you talking to right. I am a boy Damon."

In a follow-up post he added, "Dog I'm just now seeing this. I been wrapped up w work. I be chilling ... off the grid not all on the net then I'll look up and be trending... they know who names they gotta say to go viral for 24 hours. Shit be crazy."

Bow Wow went on to accuse Brown's antics of being drug-fueled.

"Tweaked out," Bow Wow added. "But you know dude really need help na I'm say? That's why we ain't trippin on em. Nobody taking him serious. It's sad because he had potential to be great. It's sad. Dem drugs!"

Orland Brown had Bow Wow trending on Twitter after he made the outlandish claim about the Ohio rapper. On Tuesday (July 12), Brown sat down for an interview with Funny Marco. During the trippy conversation full of random questions and weird camera cuts, Marco asked if Brown had a problem with Bow Wow around the 21:20-mark of the interview.

Brown replied, "I aint got a problem with Lil' Bow Wow. Lil' Bow Wow got some bomb-ass pussy."

This isn't the first time the troubled former child star has made wild sexual claims about a rapper. Back in 2020, he claimed to have given Nick Cannon fellatio, causing the Wild 'N Out creator to respond.

Watch Orlando Brown's Wild Interview and See Bow Wow's Reaction Below

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