Those with close ties to 6ix9ine are reportedly in a precarious situation following news that the rapper has pleaded guilty to multiple federal racketeering and firearms charges and named some of his associates in crimes in the process. The "Gummo" rapper is now putting up big bucks in order to protect his mother and loved ones from any retaliation that may occur.

On Saturday (Feb. 1), TMZ reports that the incarcerated rapper stepped up the security for his mom shortly after his arrest in November. Instead of his family being placed in protective custody due to deal he allegedly struck with the government, 6ix will have to foot the bill himself. According to Tekashi's attorney, Dawn Florio, "6ix9ine has the means to pay for his family's private security, so the government expects the money to come out of [his] pocket to protect his closest family members."

Sara Molina, who is the mother of the rapper's child, has already expressed fear that she may be in danger due to Tekashi's actions in court.

"In a sense, yeah, absolutely," Molina said when asked if she thought her life was in danger. "He left...he did what he did. He made his bed, now he has to lay in it. But he didn't think of how it's going to affect others. He's only thinking about himself in the situation. I'm left to pick up the pieces of whatever mess he's made. Which is, and has always been, a thing."

Tekashi was originally said to be facing 32 years to life in prison. He could now end up being sentenced to a minimum of 47 years behind bars.

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