When it rains, it pours. While 6ix9ine is currently in a legal fight for his life, following his arrest last week on multiple federal charges including racketeering, he has other issues piling up, including a nearly six-figure debt that he acquired for security services.

Tekashi hired two fleets of security teams for his recent visit to Los Angeles. As previously reported, some of the men were former bodyguards of retired boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. According to TMZ, they provided the rapper with 24-hour security service including three bullet-proof SUVs. Security for the 10-day trip cost the rapper $97,165, reports the celebrity gossip site. The only thing is, the "Gummo" rapper has yet to pay up.

Tekashi definitely made use of his hired muscle during his L.A. excursion. They were spotted shadowing the rapper during his entire trip and had to spring into action when 6ix nearly got into an altercation with affiliates of YG outside of an event. Someone clearly had intentions on harming the rapper as his video shoot with Nicki Minaj and Kanye West in Beverly Hills was disrupted by gunfire.

The security might not be the only people who may be coming for 6ix9ine's wallet. His former booking agency is threatening to go forward with a defamation lawsuit if the rapper does not recant claims he made about them cheating him out of money.

Off course, the money issues are the least of the "Fefe" rapper's worries at this point. If convicted of the charges he is currently facing, he could be sentenced to anywhere from 32 years to life in prison. After transferring jails last week due to safety concerns, his next court date is scheduled for Monday (Nov. 26).

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