If there's anything we've learned about 6ix9ine since he was released from prison, it's that he refuses to give up the tough guy act. The Brooklyn rapper-federal informant recently became the butt of jokes on social media after quoting menacing lyrics from bubbling rapper Pooh Shiesty during Tekashi's recent confrontation with Meek Mill this weekend.

Last night (Feb. 13), Meek and Tekashi got into a verbal altercation outside of the Komodo restaurant in Miami, in what at least one source is calling a publicity stunt on Tekashi's part. During the yelling match, a comically animated 6ix9ine tries to disprove Meek's street cred by calling out the Philly rapper for having security.

Hilariously, Tekashi is being held back by his own bodyguards while he says this and even throws in lyrics from Pooh Shiesty's hit song, "Back in Blood" featuring Lil Durk. "I got my own fire, don't need security in the club," Tekashi screams at Meek.

The outburst was not missed by people on social media, who were quick to call out the Brooklyn rhymer for having the audacity to talk about possessing a gun.

"I’m dead 6ix9ine really was shouting Pooh Shiesty lyrics at Meek while hiding behind his big ass security," one person commented on Twitter about the spectacle.

"I wish i believed in myself like 6ix9ine believed in himself when he was screaming pooh shiesty lyrics," another person posted.

Even Meek Mill got a good laugh off regarding Tekashi blurting out the Pooh Shiesty lyrics. "He said a Pooh shiesty bar to me wtf," Meek posted on Twitter. "I’m a real witness to that lol."

Memphis rapper Pooh Shiesty is quickly becoming a hot commodity, mostly due in part to the popularity of his aforementioned single, which currently sits at No. 37 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Pooh recently dropped his debut mixtape, Shiesty Season, earlier this month. The Tennessee gangsta rapper has yet to comment on the 6ix9ine situation.

See more Twitter reactions about 6ix9ine quoting "Back in Blood" during an altercation with Meek Mill below.

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