50 Cent filed a lawsuit against a man who falsely represented the hip-hop mogul and collected fees in advance for projects without his permission. TMZ reports that Andrew Jameson, who was once employed by 50 for $270,000 to secure deals on the G-Unit boss behalf, went rogue after his contract had expired and landed a deal with E! about a reality show featuring a "young white girl" working at G-Unit without 50 Cent's approval. Jameson suggested that having a young white woman working at G-Unit will make the show sellable. The titled for the unauthorized show was called "The Unit."

Once 50 Cent got word of what's going on, he immediately contacted E! to explain that he has no ties to the Jameson-pitched reality show, calling the show idea "highly offensive." The American basic cable network then informed Fif that Jameson had already closed the deal. Once 50 refused to do the show, it reportedly "severely damaged" his relationship with NBCUniversal, E!'s parent company.

50 is looking to collect $800k from Jameson for damages. However, Jameson's lawyer, Eric George, told TMZ that his client is the one that is owed money. "His claims aren't worth 50 cents." George said, "In fact, Andrew is the one owed money -- several months of unpaid salary ... and he's in arbitration to get it."

The Get Rich or Die Tryin’ MC’ is currently in an ongoing bankruptcy proceedings. He's asking the judge to keep the terms of his Vitamin Water deal sealed from the public in bankruptcy proceedings. 50 is reportedly worried that if Coke’s endorsement paycheck were made public, “it would ruin future deals giving the company the upper hand in negotiations.”