Though 50 Cent is still trying to deal with the heartache revolving around the passing of his grandmother, he was able to sit down with Revolt and speak on her influence in his music. He touched on one particular record that captured her instantly upon the first listen.

“The first song that I wrote for The Massacre was ‘God Gave Me Style’,” said 50. “If you asked me to make one wish, it would be for that record to be a success. And you know what happens? When I make the song, I go to my grandma and I play the record for her. And she’s like, ‘Wow you got one for me’.”

While she was in love with "God Gave Me Style," she told 50 to continue making the music that made him ever so popular.

“When she hears the content to ‘God Gave Me Style,’ she says, ‘Oh you made one for me’,” revealed 50. “‘Yeah I’ma do it a little different this time.’ And she’s like, ‘Okay, just don’t forget why they liked you in the first place’.”

This week, 50 spent time to reflect and pay his respects to his grandmother on Instagram. Check out 50's record, "God Gave Me Style" below.