Zion I is back with a new project that celebrates his past and future. Spearheaded by rapper Baba Zumbi, the 21-track project features guest appearances from the late Mac Dre and The Jacka as well as guest verses from Too $hort, Deuce Eclipse, The Grouch and more.

The album includes the 2017 track "Us," as well as unreleased song from the rapper's upcoming album Ritual Mystik. According to Zumbi, he wanted to pay homage to his past while also giving listeners the future.

In 2016, Zion I dropped the album The Labyrinth. Before that, the rapper put out The Rapture: Live From Oaklandia and The Sun Moon and Stars in 2015.

Check out the tracklist and listen to Street Legends 2 below.

Zion I's Street Legends 2 Tracklist

1. "Roll on Out" Feat. Mac Dre
2. "The Bay"
3. "Dinner Time"
4. "Don't Lose Your Head" Feat. Too $hort
5. "Blak Russian"
6. "Wake Up"
7. "Calm Down"
8. "Lay Up"
9. "Sriracha" Feat. Deuce Eclipse
10. "Godzilla" Feat. Deuce Eclipse
11. "Cold Game"
12. "Silly Puddy" Feat. The Grouch
13. "Dank" Feat. The Jacka and Martian Luther
14. "Saving Souls"
15. "Medicine" Feat. Eligh
16. "Jacka Tribute" Feat. Locksmith
17. "Tech Money"
18. "Sauce"
19. "Us"
20. "Wake Up (Chief Excel Remix)"
21. "Go Hard"

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