As a young rapper from the talent hotbed that is Florida, Yungeen Ace has found a way to stick out, slowly building a name for himself through his work. He's also a member of the Cinematic Music Group roster, the home of Joey Bada$$, with Jonny Shipes as CEO. Ace's new track and video is "Fuck That," a gritty tale about riding for your people, no matter what.

The Papertrail Productions-directed video is simple, opening with a shot of Yungeen Ace in an abandoned courtyard, with overgrown grass busting through the gaps in the concrete. The visual then flips between nighttime shots on a caution-taped porch, with one of Ace's friends and all-black solo shots.

The song itself is about Yungeen Ace defending his friends in a beef, even if it puts him in danger. "Threw on my shoes and grabbed my Glock and bought a brand new Drac'/Get one of them nasty ass hoes to find out where he stay," he raps, preparing for retaliation. With that said, he's well aware that things can turn sour for him, regardless of how confident he is. "And on the other end, I heard them boys got pressure out there in Westchase/I don't give a fuck, I'ma spin the Benz and spin again until the death of me."

Ace also tries to calm his mother's concerns. "Look mama I'm in now, I'm sayin mama pray for me/Out here in these streets is a jungle, ain't no savin' me," he solemnly admits.

Unfortunately, Yungeen Ace was shot earlier this month as he tried to protect his friends. Out of the four-deep crew, Ace was the only survivor. The ordeal lead to YoungBoy Never Broke Again reaching out to him with words of support. YoungBoy also recently released his Master the Day of Judgement mixtape in May.

Watch the "Fuck That" video below.

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