Is rapping ability hereditary? Plenty of children have tried to step into their parent's lyrical shoes and the trend seems to be starting earlier and earlier into the child's life. Consequence gave his 4-year-old son Caiden some bars on his track “Heir to the Throne,” and now the above video of Young Thug's daughter spitting a freestyle has popped up. Watch the video above with Thug's daughter wearing a YSL chain and some fronts.

As for Thug, the rapper has been everywhere lately, shooting a video with Gucci Mane earlier this month, appearing alongside Usher to perform "No Limit" at the BET Awards and even put any beef with Future to rest, posing alongside the rapper and recording new music with him earlier this week.

Young Thug fans can catch the rapper this summer at the inaugural Outta This World concert on Aug. 18, at the Toyota Center. Other headliners include Fetty Wap, Rick Ross, T.I., Ty Dolla $ign, Bun B and Metro Boomin. “Houston is at the forefront of art and culture,” said Bun B. “Time for a festival that reflects that.”

Below, check out 15 other kids with rapping skills. Jermaine Dupri used young rappers as the basis for his recent television show The Rap Game, saying "I attack it from [the mindset that] we're dealing with their world. I basically tell these kids, "Don't pay attention to the adult world cause adults don't care about them, so why should they even care about the adults?" They should be trying to get their fan base in their age group. They should be writing songs about the person that's the same age."

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