A new music video from Young Thug and Kanye West could be on the way. A brief clip has emerged which shows the two talking in a dressing room. Thugger and Yeezy already shot a video for their collaboration "Highlights," so if they're shooting something, it's for something else.

A new collab between these unique artists is sure to generate some hype. But another possibility is 'Ye appearing or starring in a video for Young Thug's song titled "Kanye West." That record comes from Thugger's latest album Jeffery, which certainly makes it a potential candidate for a new music video.

While the short clip remains a mystery, Young Thug's respect for Kanye West is a certainty. When XXL spoke to Young Thug for our fall cover story, the Atlanta rapper compared Gucci Mane favorably to 'Ye when asked about his mentor.

"[Gucci's] just genuine. Kinda like Kanye West," Young Thug said. "He was like, ‘Bruh, the rap game yours. You just gotta… don’t get in trouble, keep rapping and I’ma make sure.’ He kept me in the studio, then he went to jail again for the three years and I was there, every day. Going to work, going to work, going to work, going to work. And I always showed love. I’m always like, ‘Free Guwop’ at my shows. He’s my brother. He really gave me money. This nigga really gave me money. Nigga really helped me with my kids. That’s my homie.”

Make sure to check out XXL's entire interview with Young Thug if you have not read it already. The "Pick Up the Phone" artist touched on his ventures into the fashion world and his desire to move away from the Young Thug moniker.

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