YNW Bortlen's alleged Instagram DMs with one of the State's witnesses have reportedly been included in his police paperwork in connection to his witness tampering arrest.

YNW Bortlen's Alleged Instagram DMs Included in Witness Tampering Paperwork

On Monday (Oct. 9), journalist Bryson Paul disclosed on X, formerly known as Twitter, that the prosecution in YNW Melly and YNW Bortlen's double-murder case had reportedly filed a 36-page arrest paperwork document regarding YNW Bortlen. The paperwork arrives after Bortlen was arrested for witness tampering on Oct. 2. YNW Melly was also hit with a witness tampering charge on Oct. 4.

The expansive paperwork also includes screenshotted Instagram messages allegedly exchanged between Bortlen and State witness Felicia Holmes. Holmes is the mother of Melly's ex-girlfriend, Mariah Hamilton.

In the screenshotted messages, Bortlen allegedly told Holmes, "Chill ma" after she said she would have her cousins "Drop Melly's infested Bih." Holmes then proceeded to extensively criticize Bortlen and YNW Melly, whose double-murder trial ended in a mistrial back in July. Holmes had previously been treated as a hostile witness during that trial, and in the Instagram DMs seemed to imply that Bortlen attempted to pay off Holmes and Hamilton to not testify.

"Leave my baby alone," Holmes wrote in part. "She don't give a damn about Melly & if she did she'll testify on his a** & yours too. If I call the prosecutor & tell them I've been in contact with you & you f**king with my child your a** going in."

Holmes continued, "Melly a snake & just like he did Sak, Juvy, his mom & [redacted] u next. GOD don't bless this mess. That's the devil's money. So leave her the f**k alone."

Holmes went on to say to Bortlen: "[Mariah] don't need his money. She's always lived good & will continue. Melly not the only n***a with money & at least I kno she won't be harmed."

XXL has reached out to the Florida State Attorney's Office and YNW Bortlen's attorney for comment.

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YNW Bortlen Charged With Witness Tampering

YNW Bortlen, who has been out on bond since he was arrested in 2019, was arrested after the Miami-Dade Police Department reportedly conducted a raid on his home on Oct. 2. Bortlen is being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Florida.

According to a police affidavit obtained by XXL, authorities are accusing both Melly and Bortlen of communicating on the phone through an inmate named Terrence Mathis. Via that communication, police claim together they were attempting to dissuade Melly's ex-girlfriend and her mother from testifying against YNW Melly. Police claim Bortlen and Mathis had more than 60 phone calls from March to August of 2023 and used codewords to hide their intentions.

Mathis reportedly referred to Melly’s ex-girlfriend, Mariah Hamilton, as "Rihanna" during said phone calls and texts. Documents specifically show the codeword was used multiple times in April, during which Mathis coordinated three-way messages on Melly's behalf to Bortlen.

"Tell her keep vibin in the Maybach like she been doing," Mathis allegedly texted Bortlen, which police say is code for Hamilton not appearing in court.

Last month, Hamilton accused police of threatening to arrest her if she didn't disclose information on Melly in connection to the murders of Chris "YNW Juvy" Thomas and Anthony "YNW Sakchaser" Williams in 2018.

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See YNW Bortlen's alleged Instagram exchange with Felicia Holmes below.

See YNW Bortlen's Instagram Conversation

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