YG has officially released "Stop Snitchin"—a new single he debuted during his Coachella performance on Sun., April 14.

The song was released at midnight on Wednesday (April 24), and as its title implies, the track is dedicated to people who cooperate with law enforcement to save themselves. Because he debuted the song at Coachella with an image of 6ix9ine projected onto the background of the stage about a week ago, many people think YG is talking about Tekashi on the song.

"Me and bitch niggas, we don't conversate/Bitch niggas love saying real niggas tryna hate (Bitch-ass nigga)/But nah, nigga, I’m a real nigga, I had a bag of weight/You got fear in your heart so you cooperate (Bitch)/I can't stand how bitch niggas operate/You's a bitch (Bitch), your mama know you a bitch (Bitch)/Your girl even know you a bitch (Bitch)/I don’t know how she suck your dick, pause," YG raps on the track.

As previously reported, 6ix9ine has been labeled a "snitch" in the hip-hop community after cooperating with federal authorities in his racketeering case and pleading guilty to nine counts of racketeering and firearms charges. During YG's performance of the song at Coachella, he even had 6ix9ine's photo displayed on the screen, as well as a picture of New Jersey rapper, SkinnyFromThe9.

"Stop Snitchin" will live on YG's fourth studio album, which he's said will arrive on May 3. Previously set to drop as a surprise on April 12, the Compton rapper pushed it back out of respect for the friends and family of Nipsey Hussle in the wake of his passing on March 31.

Listen to YG's "Stop Snitchin" below.

YG "Stop Snitchin"

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