Chris Brown's home has become a haven for unwanted guests. For the third time in seven months, an intruder entered the singer's property and police were called to the scene.

According to a report from TMZ, a 27-year-old woman waited outside Breezy's Woodland Hills, California property until somebody left the front entrance. She then drove up the driveway before the electric gate closed. Once closer to the house, security told her to leave but she refused.

The police were called and the woman was arrested for criminal trespass. Brown was allegedly in the house but never came outside to peep the scene. The report also states that security had previously seen the woman around the property but she was not aggressive.

Back in July, robbers broke into the same Woodland Hills property and held Brown's aunt at gunpoint before they locked her in a closet and raided the house. Police were led to believe that the home invaders were members of the Bloods and Brown has been uncooperative in helping the authorities capture the perpetrators.

In May, Amira Kodcia broke into the singer's house, got completely naked and waited for him in bed. Prior to entering the house, Kodcia reportedly spray painted "I Love You" on the kitchen counter and tagged two of his cars with "Mrs. Brown." The woman, who is an aspiring singer who attends the University of Houston, was charged with breaking into his home, stalking and vandalism.

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