Chris Brown hasn't been cooperating with police as authorities continue to investigate his home invasion. TMZ reports that the investigation to the July robbery at Chris' house has stalled because the singer hasn't been answering LAPD detectives' questions. The best lead that the authorities have are fingerprints off an item that one of the suspects dropped, however they haven't found a match yet. CB has "gone radio silent" in regards to tracking the perpetrators who broke into his home and robbed him.

In July, Chris Brown’s San Fernando home was invaded by four suspects. They held his aunt at gunpoint before locking her in a closet as they raided the house. It was initially believed that concert promoters were the robbers because the men who broke in were looking specifically for a $50,000 cash payout the singer had received from a recent club appearance. However, police later stated that they believe it was Bloods members close to Brown who were the perpetrators.

Strangely enough that incident was the second time this year Chris Brown's home was broken into. Back in May, Amira Kodcia Ayeb, a 21-year-old from Tunisia and an aspiring singer herself, broke into Brown’s house, where she stayed for more than two days while waiting in his bed naked. Since then, Brown beefed up his security, which reportedly was not present during the July home invasion.

The embattled singer recently dropped a huge 34-track mixtape titled Before The Party to help fans wait for his forthcoming album Royalty.