Quentin Miller and TheCoolIsMac ride once again. Last Friday (May 11) The two rappers, who together form Wdng Crshrs, unloaded their latest project, Crshd Files, Vol. 2.

Crshd Files, Vol. 2. is the sequel to the QM and TheCoolIsMac's 2017 effort, Crshd Files, Vol. 1. Like Vol. 1, Vol. 2 sees Wdng Crshrs flaunting some hard-earned chemistry as they let loose a barrage of fly guy rhymes. QM announced the release of the project by uploading a lengthy Instagram post dedicated to those who helped he and TheCoolIsMac put it together.

"Special thanks to everyone involved in making this happen," wrote the Falco rapper. The post itself includes the cover for Wdng Crshrs' new EP.

You can check out Crshd Files, Vol. 2 below.

Wdng Crshrs' Crshd Files, Vol. 2 Tracklist

1. "Crshd File: 706"
2. "Behold"
3. "Logo"
4. "Swavor" feature
5. "Crshd File: 892"
6. "Safe"
7. "I'm On"
8. "Now!!!" featuring Cousin Stizz
9. "Hunnid Degrees"
10."Crshd File: 231"

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1317 Recordings

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