Chinese trap rap group Higher Brothers, are now making waves in the U.S. Somewhat recently, the trap-influenced clique unveiled a video for their Famous Dex-assisted track, "Made in China," and rappers like the Migos, Playboi Carti, Denzel Curry, Kyle, Lil Yachty, G Herbo and more have reacted to the visual—and they're all in agreement that it's pretty dope.

"Oh my God they're lit, yo they're hitting synchronized [bows]" Kyle says in a video reacting to the "Made in China" visual. "They know they turnt up right now, like their swag so confident," G Herbo says of the same vid.

For their part, Migos—a group Higher Brothers has drawn comparisons to in the past—let out a few of their signature adlibs as the song played. Naturally, they sounded like they should've been on the track to begin with. Quavo quotes lyrics from the song, which find the Higher Brothers claiming the designer bags belonging to other people's girlfriends were actually made in China.

Carti, whose track "Magnolia" is featured in a new Sprint commercial, was also digging the track, but instead of actually saying anything, he simply sits back and dances along to the track as he's smoking a doobie. We'll take it.

See Migos, Carti and more react to the Higher Brothers' video below. Peep the "Made in China" video below that.

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