Vic Mensa has always been a very honest rapper, never holding his tongue on issues, whether they be personal or political. His new song, "10K Problems," is a one-verse rundown of all the things going on in his life, from his drug problems to the direction of his career.

While he has rapped about having issues with drugs in the past, this latest update is new. "Niggas asking where I been at, I gotta recap it/Relapsing D.R.U.G. habits," he admits, revealing that he's once again having some substance problems. "Tryna move forward, depression been holding me backwards/Recovery ain't a straight line" is a glimpse of reality; it takes time to heal.

Vic is also thinking about maintaining his integrity while also trying to further his career. "The elephant in the room, is the music coming soon?/If it gets you on will you jive, will you coon?" he raps. A grisly analogy reveals how it all makes him feel: "Now I'm on 10 in this 4 corner room, dead inside like a baby that's aborted in the womb." Hopefully, better days lie ahead for him.

Vic spoke to XXL about his stance on gun control in March, one of the many social issues that he is passionate about. His career is also rolling along, as he signed a new deal with United Talent Agency in May and hinted at new music coming with his old friend Chance The Rapper.

Listen to Vic Mensa's "10K Problems" below.

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