Another day, another 6ix9ine beef. The latest antagonist is Vic Mensa, who challenged the "Fefe" rapper to a fight in a series of Instagram posts today (July 25).

"See me and these fucking hands. No security. We seen you driving around Chicago with eight police. Shoot the one-on-one," Mensa said. "See what happen to you, boy. I'll turn your muthafuckin' face the color of your hair."

The spat originated when Mensa addressed Tekashi's running feud with Chief Keef in an interview with Real 92.3 on July 20. The Roc Nation signee pointed out that 6ix9ine dissing prominent drill rappers is ironic considering his music and lyrics seem so heavily influenced by Chicago artists.

"He got exact bars, like 10 of 'em, that he said verbatim, from Chicago rappers," Mensa explained. “So to come to Chicago disrespecting the whole city like that because he got a beef with one person from the city, I felt that that was very goofy."

DJ Akademiks reposted the clip on Instagram yesterday (July 24) with a caption claiming Mensa "found the subject of his next promo run." In the comment thread, a fake 6ix9ine account wrote in the comments, "Vic Mensa can sukk my dikk with his mother's lips."

Mensa issued a savage response. In an Instagram caption and subsequent video, he challenged 6ix9ine to a fight and claimed he simply wants the New Yorker to demonstrate proper respect toward his forebears. He also reminded DJ Akademiks that Chicago doesn't support him either.

"For the record, I never dissed 6ix9ine," he opened. "All I said was he got his style from Chicago rappers, something he has admitted, and that he needs to show our city his respect. So if he wanna talk about 'suck my dick' and all that, fight me then, point blank."

Mensa's Instagram posts and Real 92.3 interview are below. His comments about Tekashi begin around the 9:49 mark. You can catch up on 6ix9ine's beef with Chief Keef here.

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