It's looking like we have a real beef on our hands. In the wake of the release of Drake's "6 God" over the weekend, where he presumably took shots at Young Money labelmate Tyga, it seems that T-Raw has shot back with his latest track, "Make It Work." The track features sparse piano keys and thumping 808 kicks, putting Tyga in his comfort zone. On the track, Tyga serves up some interesting bars that seem to be directed at Drake such as "Ni**as wanna take it there, we could take it there," "why these ni**as wanna test me on the low though," and most interestingly "ni**a never was my homie, all these b***hes know you’re corny."

Even if these bars aren't specifically directed at Drake, the timing of the track's release is curious to say the least. Check out "Make It Work" above.