We can't say we didn't see this coming eventually, but Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj is finally here.

After Nicki seemed to send shots in the lyrics of two new tracks she's on -- "Make Love" and "Swalla" -- Rem went in her bag and pulled out a seven-minute scorcher of a diss titled, "shETHER."

The Bronx rapper definitely took the gloves off, going for the jugular with lines like, “I saw Meek at All-Star; he told me your ass drop/He couldn’t fuck you for three months because your ass dropped/NowI don’t think you understand how bad her ass got/The implants that you had put in her ass popped,” she raps. Ouch.

She even accuses Minaj of being a cocaine user, among other claims. "Mentioning guns, you pussy galore, James Bond/Only time you touch a trigga is when you fucked Trey Songz/Coke head, you cheated on your man with Ebro/I might leak the footage of you sniffing them ski slopes," Remy snaps.

Of course, the internet is having a field day with all the drama, with people going on Twitter to offer their two cents on the matter. "REMY MA JUST BODIED NICKI MINAJ ON THAT SHETHER PERIOD!," one user posted.

Others were not as impressed. "Its funny how people have to try come at nicki to get views or attention. @RealRemyMa youl never be as successful as onika. get it?," another person wrote.

Check out some of the Twitter responses to Remy's diss below.

Twitter Responds to Remy Ma’s Nicki Minaj Diss “shETHER”

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