Travis Scott is being called out by the family of a 9-year-old victim of the infamous Astroworld Festival tragedy after the rapper's attorney claimed police tried to derail the Utopia album by releasing the final reports of the Astorworld tragedy the same day.

Victim's Family Calls Out Travis for His Lawyer's Claims

On Monday (July 31), attorney Bob Hilliard, who represents the family of 9-year-old Astroworld Festival victim Ezra Blount, blasted Travis for the "tone deaf" comments.

"For an artist making his living with music, these are stunningly tone deaf comments about this preventable tragedy that took so many lives and injured so many," Hilliard told DailyMail. "This extremely detailed and damning report confirms both the negligence and extreme gross negligence of those involved, including the Travis Scott team. For Mr. Scott to allow his lawyers and spokespeople to make the reckless and untrue statement that just because he was not indicted means he’s blame-free is arrogant and insulting to the memory of 10 year old Ezra as well as the other victims of this terrible night. Of course they would only focus on how the report’s release date hurts their album sales instead of the facts contained inside of the report."

XXL has reached out to Travis Scott's team for comment.

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Police Release Astroworld Tragedy Report, Travis' Lawyer Responds

On July 28, the Houston Police Department released a 1,300 page report about the Astroworld Festival tragedy in Nov. 5, 2021, where 10 people died after the crowd slowly compressed, crushing victims, while Travis Scott performed onstage. Travis' attorney Kent Schaffer, told TMZ he thought the report was released on the same day as the album to hurt the music release.

"The timing of the Houston Police Department report’s release, coinciding with the launch of Travis Scott's highly anticipated album, is anything but coincidental," Schaffer said in a statement.

"Travis's commitment to his audience's safety and well-being is well-documented," the statement reads in part. "As reported countless times, he actively stopped the show three separate times."

After nearly two years of investigating, last month, police decided not to charge Travis Scott in connection to the incident.

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