While it may not be his highly-anticipated Requiem project, Thouxanbanfauni surprised fans on June 1 when he dropped a new 24-track project called The Lost Files.

The new record includes guest appearances from Lucki, UnoTheActivist, Ski Mask the Slump God, Famous Dex and Lil Duke and features on the previously released songs "Act Up" and "Rihanna Wrist." In fact, many of the songs on The Lost Files have been released on SoundCloud before but with the new project, Thouxanbanfauni is allowing his fans to now have the songs available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services.

But if you're still craving new music from "The Exfiles" rapper, Fauni has you covered. Along with The Lost Files, the rapper also recently shared three new songs. In late-May, the rapper dropped the tracks, "Black on Black," "Burnin Rubber" and "Bruce Wayne," which feature guest spots from Desiigner, Xavier Wulf and Zuse.

Check out the tracklist and listen to The Lost Files, as well as Thouxanbanfauni's new songs below.

Thouxanbanfauni's The Lost Files Tracklist

1. "Wock"
2. "Fake FWM"
3. "Rihanna Wrist"
4. "Wish the Worst"
5. "Beam Me Up" featuring Lucki and UnoTheActivist
6. "Grey's Anatomy"
7. "Chances"
8. "32"
9. "305-954-404" featuring Ski Mask the Slump God
10. "Bando Thoughts"
11. "No Tomorrow"
12. "Trust Me"
13. "Who U Testin"
14. "God and My 32"
15. "Dummy Boy"
16. "Matter"
17. "Deep in the Drank"
18. "3400 Savage"
19. "Act Up" featuring UnoTheActivist
20. "Jeans"
21. "Stay Out My Way"
22. "Karma"
23. "Zoomin"
24. "El Chapo Freestyle" featuring Famous Dex and Lil Duke


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