Seemingly obsessed with all things hot, rappers have been known to bring the heat. From Megan Thee Stallion, who ushered in last year’s "Hot Girl Summer" wave to Lil Wayne, who was a member of the platinum-selling rap group Hot Boys, hip-hop’s torchbearers have helped to make the "on fire" concept synonymous with killing it. But just about as long as they’ve been turning up the heat, rappers have also been trying to earn their cool points.

Rap God Andre 3000 informed us back in 2003, that anything cooler than cool can only equal ice cold on OutKast’s Grammy Award-winning “Hey Ya!.” And way before 3 Stacks schooled us on the levels of cool, the original G.O.A.T., LL Cool J was using cool to describe the fly young ladies he had his eyes on.

Even The Roots frontman and lead lyricist Black Thought has managed to stay committed to keeping it cooler than the competition. The wordsmith has rapped about being cooler than everything from an ice brick to a squad of polar bears throughout the span of his more than 30-year career. According to Big Boi from OutKast and Kardinal Offishall, not even the likes of Ice Cube, notorious cool man Morris Day or Freddie Jackson in a snowstorm could stand a cold chance.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the coolest rapper of them all? 50 Cent, Kevin Gates, Swae Lee, Gucci Mane, OutKast, Lil Wayne and others are just a few of the rap acts that love to keep it cool.

Scroll down below to see 25 things rappers are cooler than.

See 25 Things Rappers Are Cooler Than

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