With a brand new album out after a 16-year hiatus, The LOX have been extremely busy as of late doing promo runs and spreading the word about their latest release. Recently, the Yonkers trio visited the XXL office to discuss the Filthy America... It's Beautiful project and share a few of their most memorable stories in the music business. One story in particular that The LOX were not afraid to share was the day they recorded Puff Daddy's smash hit "All About the Benjamins."

“We got upstairs and Puff and Missy was in the room and he [Puff] was like, 'Yo, check this beat out.' We thought he was giving it to us as one of our tracks, so I was 'Ahh, that’s cool,'" recalls Sheek Louch of the day. "I just didn’t like the beat at first. I ain’t gonna lie to you. Who knew…like you kind of never know what song is gonna be extra extra crazy, so you know we spit and it just took place. But you know I fought it for a minute. I did it. I did my verse that same night, but it didn’t matter, but he [Puff] just had other plans for that motherfucker.”

Also expressing his discontent for the beat at the time, Jadakiss recalls he did his "All About the Benjamins" verse last and that it took him a while to record his verse because he was procrastinating.

The LOX's third studio LP, Filthy America... It's Beautiful, is now available on iTunes. Watch the trio above as they share the story of recording the classic hip-hop song and how they didn't like the beat at first. And check out how they met with Jay Z and got signed to Roc Nation below.

Instrumental in video produced by Ms Propane.

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