The Game still wants all the smoke with 50 Cent and he's calling out Fif for a Verzuz battle while using his former label boss' girlfriend as a pawn.

The back-and-forth started on Friday (March 25), when 50 Cent posted a video on Instagram of Jimmy Iovine not noticing The Game at a Lakers game. "LOL The man didn't even look at him," 50 captioned the post. "Get this guy outta here 50 wrote the records LMFAO."

Game responded to the diss in the comment section. "Nigga, I ain't even see Mr. Burns," Game wrote. "And if you wrote my records write you one today and put it out nigga. Your rap career died with them loli pop strap tank tops. You a actor n that's why you ran to tv. Give us Season 2 of that Tommy bullshit and leave this rap shit to niggas who can who spell correctly and actually got bars goofy nigga."

Game didn't stop there. He taunted 50 in a series of photos in a since-deleted Instagram post. The first photo shows 50 Cent's head digitally imposed onto a rotisserie chicken. The second photo shows a screenshot of 50 hanging upside down during his performance at Super Bowl LVI. The third photo is a screen grab of an alleged DM Game received from 50 Cent's girlfriend, Cuban Link. The supposed message features a topless photo of the woman, which appears to be an much older picture, along with the message "Video girl???...keep in mind." There is also a phone number underneath the photo that Game has censored.

Game captioned the post, "Hit [Swizz Beatz] & and [Timbaland] ASAP and stop running from this Verzuz. Oh n tell ya girl stay out my DMs...if she don't want her man over weight, fat as fuck hanging upside down like rotisserie chicken at the Super Bowl...come to @Numinati."

Cuban Link has since responded to Game's post, saying the DM is seven years old.

"Naaa what not from 2015 when everyone wanted to be a ViDeO giRl!!" she wrote. "You irrelevant fucking bozo .. ‍♀️ You thought you ate with that one."

The Game and 50 Cent's perpetual beef is going on two decades. Earlier this month, Game called out 50 after Fif questioned why Game told the Drink Champs podcast that Kanye West did more for Game in two weeks than Dr. Dre did in his whole career.

"@50cent Last time you did this with me, G-Unit clothing got put in a casket wit the entire group & you went into television," Game responded. "I like Power n shit….. leave it alone. I’m back outside !!! #Numinati."

Check out Game's since-deleted Instagram post calling out 50 Cent below.

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