Another day, another beef for 6ix9ine. This time, the Brooklyn rapper has somehow drawn the ire of The Game.

Chuck is currently on his 45 European tour. Last night (March 16), video surfaced of a recent concert where the Compton MC lets his feelings about the "Gummo" rapper be clearly known. In the video, Game amps the packed crowd up by repeating, "Fake-ass Blood." The crowd follows suit. He then snaps into another chant. "Fuck 6ix9ine!" he yells, with those in attendance repeating his quip.

69 seemingly responded to the clip in an Instagram post this morning (March 17). "I turned 'Gangsters' into clout chasers," he typed on an IG post. "I invite all y'all to my dick. A kid with rainbow hair got the whole industry now aggravated."

He added in the caption, "SUCK MY DICK. I literally come to everyone city when y'all say don't come. Pullin everybody card.. y'all stay in y'all hometown I TALK SHIT FROM NEW YORK ALL THE WAY TO YA CITY. I move around."

The Day69 rapper continues to play by his own rules. He seems to be scooping up more and more detractors by the week.

This isn't even the first issue he's had this week. A few days ago, he was reportedly muscled out of a Houston party put on by Rap-A-Lot mogul Jay Prince's son, Jay Prince Jr, for not showing the "proper respect."

Check out the footage from Game's concert, 69's apparent response and the Houston incident below.

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