Tasha The Amazon is continuing to represent hard for the female scene in Toronto, and she's back with another banger for her fans. The Canada native releases her new song "Ways," which features some braggadocios bars.

The new record has the "Die Every Day" rapper tapping into her signature element on the bouncy instrumental, and flexing on all of her haters. "What you here for, Hennessy?/Me too, plus 20 Gs/Higher than you've ever been/Car seats so leathery," she rhymes.

XXL spoke with Tasha about the new track, where she revealed the inspiration behind making the record.

"You know, I spent the year touring in eight countries and connecting with so many fans I didn’t even know I had," she says. "From Mexico to London to L.A. to Paris... and sometime between the moshpits and flights and interviews and hooking up with Google to do a commercial and shit, me and me production partner Danny Thrax were just like, 'You know what? We are on right now.' Just that feeling of everything really coming together and hitting our stride. We got off tour and hit the studio with so much energy. So 'Ways' is on that tip, like, you can come with me or not, but I’m on. It’s that confidence when you’re not looking to someone else to tell you you’re hot or to cosign you. You just go out and let 'em know."

She also discusses what's going on with her upcoming project, which she says we can expect in the spring.

"Me and Danny are in the studio making hits and having hella fun, so I’m stoked to put out the next project in the spring and drop loosies till then," she continues. "To me, visuals and music go hand in hand… they’re extensions of each other. So I’m doing all the artwork daily and working with my video director, an animator, and some dope photographers to bring it all together. I don’t want to just make music in a void, I’m building the whole world that it lives in. That’s the new project."

Take a listen to the new song from Tasha The Amazon in the stream below.

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