The Suge Knight hit-and-run case is one of the most bizarre and fascinating news stories right now. Here we have the notorious hip-hop mogul who's known for his violent history facing trail for running over two men—killing one and severely injuring another—and starring down a life sentence if convicted. With every update the case gets more unclear and unpredictable. Since the Jan. 29 incident happen in the parking lot at Tam’s Burgers in Compton, nothing has been what it seems. So here is the complete timeline of this unusual case.

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Suge Knight
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Jan. 29: Knight is arrested on suspicion of murder after he ran over two men, one fatally, in Compton following a fight on set of the N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton. Terry Carter, 55, is identified as the victim killed while being struck in the parking lot outside Tam’s Burgers. Cle "Bone" Sloan survives but suffered serious injuries to his legs and head. Knight fled the scene after the incident

Jan 30: Suge Knight turned himself in to authorities. He was arrested at 12:30 a.m. in the morning at a West Hollywood police station on suspicion of murder in the fatal accident that left one dead and another injured  ABC7 Eyewitness News based in southern California tweeted a picture of Knight arriving at the police station. At the station with him is his attorney, James Blatt.  Suge was interviewed by homicide detectives as a person of interest in the case for three hours. Blatt told reporters it was an accident and Suge feared for his life. Knight's bail is $2.2 million.

Jan. 31: Suge Knight’s longtime beef with Dr. Dre is reportedly what sparked the fatal hit-and-run that left Terry Carter dead. Suge went to the set where they were filming the commercial for Straight Outta Compton in order put an end to his beef with his rival. However, he got into a shoving match with Dre’s security. Off duty cops saw the altercation and ordered them to separate. TMZ reports that a short time later Carter came to Suge and told him that Dre contacted him and wanted to meet so they can work out their difference. Believing it was a peaceful meeting, the former CEO of Death Row Records took him up on that offer. However, things went left and Suge was jumped before he even got out the car. It is later reported that Dr. Dre never asked Suge to come to the set to make amends.

Lt. John Corina of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department detective’s unit said it “looks like [Suge] drove backwards and struck the victims and drove forwards and struck them again.” People who witnessed the incident also agreed the hit-and-run did not look accidental. “The people we talked to say it looked like it was an intentional act,” he added. Despite initial reports that Suge and the victim Terry Carter, 55, were friends, Carter’s daughter, Meredith, denied those claims and saying this incident was nothing short of a killing.

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Feb. 1:  The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department receives video from incident

Feb 2: Marion Suge Knight is charged with murder and attempted murder. Knight's $2.2-million bail is revoked and faces life in prison. L.A. County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Nicole Nishida said the reason why Knight's bail was pulled for “Possible flight risk, three-strike candidate, possible witness intimidation issues and his criminal past.”

Suge’s defense claimed he feared for his life and frantically left the parking lot of Tam’s Burgers because he was being assaulted. Knight claims that he had no idea that he was involved in an hit-and-run. The defense pointed to Chris Brown pre-VMA party in August 2014 where he was shot six times as the main reason for his health concerns.

An anonymous sources who was on scene of the crime confirmed to The Guardian that violence escalated when Knight visited the set of Straight Outta Compton in an attempt to make amends with Dr. Dre. Sloan was working site security and as a location scout assistant. He and Knight do not get along and Sloan didn’t want him on set

Feb. 3: Suge Knight pleaded not guilty to murder and attempted murder. Moments after, he was taken to a local hospital for an undisclosed medical reason. He also pleaded not guilty to two counts of hit and run and allegations that he committed a violent felony while out on bail pending another case. His new attorney is now David Kenner.

Feb. 4: It is revealed that Suge Knight, who was initially thought to only have endured a panic attack, suffered a serious blood clot that was potentially fatal. It

Feb. 5: Suge Knight left a California hospital and returned to jail a day after suffering a serious blood clot after pleading not guilty to murder in a deadly hit-and-run. 911 recording was released in which a shaken witness reported seeing two men run over in Compton after a fight.

Feb. 7: Funeral services for Terry Carter is held.

Feb. 9: Suge Knight’s Bail Hearing Has Been Rescheduled

Feb. 10: Reports say Suge Knight went to the Straight Outta Compton movie set to talk to Dr. Dre about how he was portrayed in the film shortly before he ran over and killed Terry Carter and injured actor Cle “Bone” Sloan. Dre reportedly never asked Knight for permission to include his likeness in the film and Suge went down to the set to have a meeting with Dre when all hell broke loose.

Feb. 11: Knight’s legal team acquired video footage of the parking lot incident at Tam's Burger that lead to the death of Terry Carter and it reportedly showed Cle “Bone” Sloan pointing a gun at the former CEO of Death Row Records. Knight’s lawyer Attorney David Kenner said that he only had one day to see the video but "believes it will aid Knight’s defense of murder, attempted murder and hit-and-run charges.”

Feb. 19: Knight was rushed to the hospital before his schedule court hearing for a stomach issue related to the six bullets he took in a nightclub shooting last summer.

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March 2: Suge Knight fired his lawyers and was taken to the hospital today for an undisclosed reason. This is the third time he’s been to the hospital since his arrest in January. Suge told a judge that he is suffering from blindness and other health complications. The Death Row Records co-founder said he was blind in one eye and had only about 15 percent vision in his other eye.

March 9: The graphic security video of Suge Knight’s fatal hit and run incident that left Terry Carter, 55, dead and Cle “Bone” Sloan, 51, injured on Jan. 29 is now public. Matthew Fletcher, the new attorney, said video helps their defense.

March 11: Suge Knight’s defense claims that the rap mogul is blind in his left eye and he couldn’t see in the fatal hit-and-run incident.

March 18:  According to police reports obtained by The Daily Mail, Cle “Bone” Sloan, the man who was injured, but not killed by Suge Knight’s car in a January altercation claimed to have assaulted Knight just prior to being struck by the mogul’s Ford.

March 20: Prosecutors say that Suge Knight’s bail should be set at $25 million, referencing his violent past, the motion sites 31 different incidents in which Knight is either accused of threatening others or using violence. Filed by Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Barnes, the motion also claims that Suge is a “prolific and unrepentant criminal.” Barnes documented Knight’s criminal history in 295 pages of written arguments and supporting evidence. The most shocking revelations:

- Knight is suspected of extorting “taxes” from rappers and athletes who want to work in Los Angeles or Las Vegas, according to a sworn affidavit submitted by Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. Richard Biddle.
- Knight and a woman in Las Vegas are also involved in laundering more than $10 million since 2002 through a network of bank accounts, according to Biddle.
- In 2014, a man told the LAPD that Knight held him at gunpoint for about 10 minutes in an alleyway and repeatedly vowed to kill him, according to a police report.

Later that day for the hearing, bail for Suge Knight was set at $25 million. Knight would later collapsed in court, folding over in his seat, apparently unconscious, after the judge read the figure. There is also video

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April 8: Suge Knight appears in court chained to a wheelchair. Defense attorney said authorities put Knight in the chair and chained him down so they can “humiliate” his client. Knight also tried to fire one of his attorneys and asked the judge if he can represent himself for the next several weeks. The judge denied his request. Knight retained Matthew Fletcher as his attorney and have until the end of May to add to his defense team.

April 10: Homicide investigators are recreating Suge Knight’s fatal hit-and-run incident.

April 13: Cle “Bone” Sloan, one of two victims Suge Knight ran over with his pickup truck won’t testify against the rap mogul in the murder case. ”I don’t want it to get misconstrued that I told on this man,” he said in court today, according to the L.A. Times. “I’m no snitch. I will not be used to send Suge Knight to prison.” Despite receiving immunity from the courts Sloan would not give any information on the Jan. 29 incident outside Tam’s Burgers that left him with 2 fractured ankles, torn ligaments in both knees plus 17 stitches on top of his head and Terry Carter dead. Sloan said that he doesn’t remember who was driving Knight’s truck when it struck both him and Carter. Deputy Dist. Atty. Cynthia Barnes continued to ask Sloan for details but he said  “I can’t say this man ran me over.” He couldn’t recall any specifics or details of the incident.

The case gets more bizarre. When Barnes read back a portion of the transcript where Sloan reportedly told police that he “fucked [Knight] up” before the fatal incident, Sloan said he does not remember telling the authorities that. He testified saying he “embellished” his comments to detectives. The L.A. county sheriff recreated the crime scene last week in conjunction with prosecutors.

April 16: Los Angeles County judge ruled Suge Knight will stand trial on murder and attempted murder charges. This is after the surviving alleged victim recanted portions of his statements to investigators implicating Knight and repeatedly claimed not to remember details about the incident. Knight’s bail, which had initially been set at $25 million, was slashed to $10 million.

April 18: Audio obtained from Los Angeles Police Department, Cle “Bone” Sloan told police he is partially to blame for the death of Terry Carter. “I was in a rage,” he said. “I fucked up. I get that ’cause a guy is dead behind this shit.” But in additional audio obtained, Sloan said he only went off on Suge after the former Death Row Records CEO threatened to kill him and reached for what he thought was a gun.

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April 30: Suge Knight says that Floyd Mayweather Jr. will reportedly post the $10 million dollar bail for him following his bout with Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas. Knight appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to murder at a follow-up arraignment. Following the hearing Knight’s lawyer Matthew Fletcher spoke to the New York Daily News outside of the courthouse. “My understanding is that Suge is going to be bailed out this coming week,” said Fletcher. “We think Mr. Mayweather is going to win the championship and then come champion the day again. They’re good friends, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t. And we believe that will happen.”

But unfortunately that isn’t going to happen. TMZ Sports reports that a member of Mayweather’s TMT confirmed that Floyd will not be posting the $10 million bail if he wins his fight this weekend. The source said that was wrong for saying Floyd would pay for his bail and the two haven’t been close for several years.

May 28: A judge delayed a hearing in Suge Knight's robbery case after the Death Row Records music mogul told deputies he was too sick to leave his jail cell.

May 29: Knight’s lawyers moved to have his charges dismissed on the basis that Sloan has refused to identify Knight as the driver of a red truck that ran down the two men. ”There is nowhere in this transcript that Mr. Sloan ever identifies Marion Knight, the defendant, as a murderer,” writes Matt Fletcher, an attorney for Knight. ”There is nowhere in the entire transcript that Mr. Sloan even identifies Marion Knight as a driver of the red truck in question; the red truck that hit the victims.” Knight then hired Thomas Mesereau, the attorney who successfully defended Michael Jackson on child molestation charges, to represent him.

June 4: Suge Knight, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre are being sued for the wrongful death of Terry Carter. In the lawsuit documents obtained by TMZ, the Carter family claimed Cube and Dre hired known gang members in the area for security for Straight Outta Compton‘s film shoots. Apparently, one of these guards started the altercation, which eventually led Knight to flee, running over Carter and Sloan. Carter was pronounced dead while Sloan suffered serious injuries. Tam’s Burger—the place where the accident happened— is also named in the lawsuit.The Carter family believes the burger joint should also have provided security because their parking lot is known to have a lot of street violence. New York Times reports that Universal Pictures, the studio behind Straight Outta Compton, was named in the wrongful death lawsuit.

July 7: Los Angeles County judge denied a defense request to dismiss charges in the murder case against former rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight.

Marion "Suge" Knight Pretrial Hearing
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Oct. 8, 2015: Suge Knight returned to court. In the hearing, Los Angeles Superior Court prosecutors laid out evidence in a robbery case against the mogul. Knight and the comedian Katt Williams have been charged with robbery after they allegedly took a camera from a photographer in Beverly Hills. Both Knight and Williams have pled not guilty; the former’s counsel pushed to get this particular hearing pushed back, due to legal and health concerns. (Since hearings in his murder case began, Knight has fainted in court and has revealed a possible brain tumor.)  Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald Coen, however, insisted that the hearing go on as planned. Later that month, both Suge and Katt plead not guilty.

January 2016: Knight’s lawyer Thomas Mesereau, the lawyer who previously defended Michael Jackson against child molestation charges in 2005, said his client is being mistreated and “should be at home and he should have been granted reasonable bail, like everybody else.” He adds, “This case is going forward because of who he is, not because of anything he did that was wrong.” Two weeks later Knight would fire Mesereau and hire Stephen Schwartz during a closed session.

February 2016: Suge Knight loses access to phone calls and non-attorney visitors at the request of sheriff’s investigators. Court records show that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge William C. Ryan cut Suge Knight’s access  on Jan. 29.

The order was granted on the request of a sheriff’s detective who is investigating Suge Knight’s much publicized murder case. Under this new order, Suge Knight has lost all mail, phone and visitation privileges with the exception of his lawyers. His attorneys may only visit him during regular visiting hours. And while Knight can speak to his representation by phone, they are not allowed to conduct a conference call or transfer a call.

A week later, Nekaya and Crystal Carter, the daughters of the hit-and-run victim Terry Carter, sat down with Crime Watch Daily and spoke about their father’s passing. When asked if she believed her father was acting as a peacemaker, Nekaya responded, “Yes, absolutely. I think that’s what he was doing when he walked in…I received a phone call from one of his childhood friends and he just told me right there over the phone. He said, ‘Nekaya…your dad’s been killed.'”

A week after the interview it was reported that the one-time head of Death Row Records is being held in solitary confinement.

April 2016: New legal documents filed by Knight’s new lawyer, Thaddeus Culpepper, allege that a 2014 club shooting that saw Knight on the receiving end of seven shots, was organized by Dr. Dre and facilitated by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. Culpepper is the fifth lawyer that has represented Knight

The newly filed legal docs claim that a Sheriff’s deputy was working at 1OAK in West Hollywood during the 2014 VMA weekend, when he opened the venue doors to the would be gunman. According to the docs, surveillance video shows Deputy Henry Boyd letting the gunman inside with additional video showing Deputy Boyd helping the same gunman flee the country at LAX. The documents also claim that when Boyd was questioned by authorities about the shooting, he resigned from the department.

What’s more, the documents allege that the shooter confessed that Dr. Dre paid him and a friend $50,000 to perform the hit, and that the Sheriff’s department released the shooter from custody for no obvious reason. TMZ reports that Dr. Dre’s camp had yet to provide comment on the allegations

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