Soulja Boy says he tried to set up a fight with Quavo, but the Migos member never showed up for the bout. Soulja Boy revealed this today (Dec. 7) during an Instagram rant about his various beefs. The Atlanta rapper claimed he waited six hours for Quavo to show up and fight, but his rival refused to appear.

"Quavo, I texted you my address, nigga, at one o'clock," Soulja Boy said. "I waited for you till seven o'clock, we was 'sposed to catch the fade, one on one, put it on WorldStar. You never showed up, nigga. You know how the fuck I'm rocking, nigga."

Soulja Boy also alleged that Quavo reached out to him after the Migos member's chain was snatched in Washington, D.C. Then, he declared he would not be squashing their beef.

"When ya got ya chain snatched in D.C., who the fuck's the one you called, nigga?" he continued. "You called big Soulja, nigga. 'I got my chain snatched, bro. Don't be mad at me, bro.' I ain't mad at you. I'm just 'gon help you get yo shit back. You got my address, nigga. Pull up, fuck nigga. Fuck Quavo, I ain't squashing shit! And any nigga that got something to say about it, holler at me, nigga."

It is still unclear why Soulja Boy and Quavo are beefing. The public first learned of the feud when Soulja Boy released a diss track called "Beef."

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