This Soulja Boy and Quavo beef continues down the path of complete pettiness. For his latest act, SB is claiming he has the Migos rapper's chain.

The situation played out on Instagram again. Initially, user @Topshottaaya contacted Soulja on the app, along with a picture of what appears to be a Quality Control chain, which the Migos are known to wear. "We got Migos chain. Check your DM," the person typed.

Soulja later posted a picture sporting the chain, adding the caption, "If Quavo want his chain back tell him come get it."

Whether SB has Quavo or a member of his entourage's chain or not, the Migos member appears to be unbothered, as he has throughout this whole ordeal. In what is clearly as response to the "Crank Day" rapper, Qua later took to IG, and posted his jewelry cache, which includes an upgraded Quality Control piece, as well as some other gaudy rings and chains.

Soulja seemingly came out of nowhere earlier this week with a diss song directed at the "Bad and Boujee" rapper. “Quavo hit my phone, say he want beef/Must not know I’ll knock out his teeth/I grew up in the Northside shoot with the 2-2-3/Migos ain’t shit to me,” Soulja spews on the song titled "Beef."

He continued his taunts, later taking to social media and claiming he waited six hours to catch the fade with Quavo, who he says chickened out. “Quavo, I texted you my address, nigga, at one o’clock,” Soulja Boy said. “I waited for you till seven o’clock, we was ‘sposed to catch the fade, one on one, put it on WorldStar. You never showed up, nigga. You know how the fuck I’m rocking, nigga.”

Soulja has been warned to pipe down, but he clearly doesn't give AF at this point.

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