The beef between Soulja Boy and Quavo just took an interesting turn. Wack 100, The Game's manager, sent out a warning to Soulja Boy to stop dissing Quavo. Wack 100 said Quavo is family and threatened to handle the sitaution if the "Crank Dat" rapper does not stop.

"This is a losing battle," Wack 100 wrote on one of Soulja Boy's Instagram posts. "Your on the West. @quavohuncho is FAMILY & we gon deal with it like he's family. Your right in the Valley my nigga I suggest you relax."

Soulja Boy inexplicably released the Quavo diss track "Beef," which produced a ton of conversation on social media. Soulja Boy claimed that Quavo wanted beef, so he took it to wax.

“Quavo hit my phone, say he want beef/Must not know I’ll knock out his teeth/I grew up in the Northside shoot with the 2-2-3/Migos ain’t shit to me," Soulja Boy raps on the song.

Soulja Boy is angering all types of people, including No Plug. Soulja Boy's recent statement that Shia LaBeouf was banned from Atlanta did not sit well with No Plug.

"Fuck wrong with you boy," No Plug said. "You know this 9th ward PDE shit nigga, this our city nigga. Stop saying you run this shit fuck nigga, before we beat your ass. Keep beefing with these rap niggas. Real street nigga boy, stop saying you run my motherfucking city boy, Atlanta’s mine, Slaughter Gang shit, nigga. Fuck wrong with you.”

Soulja Boy might need to heed Wack 100's advice and relax.

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