Soulja Boy's beefing spree has caught the attention of another Atlanta rapper, and let's just say he's not too happy with the "Crank That" performer thinking he has the authority to ban anyone from his city. Check out what 21 Savage affiliate No Plug has to say in the video up top.

As anyone familiar with No Plug should've expected, the Atlanta rapper pulls zero punches in his scathing response to the "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" performer. He even makes a few threats. "Nigga know who run the fucking city man. You better keep cranking that shit and Superman'ing that hoe nigga, Soulja Boy you gon' get your ass spanked," No Plug says in the Instagram vid.

He continues, "Fuck wrong with you boy. You know this 9th ward PDE shit nigga, this our city nigga. Stop saying you run this shit fuck nigga, before we beat your ass. Keep beefing with these rap niggas. Real street nigga boy, stop saying you run my motherfucking city boy, Atlanta's mine, Slaughter Gang shit, nigga. Fuck wrong with you."

No Plug's menacing video arrives just a few days after Soulja Boy "banned" actor Shia LaBeouf from ever coming back to Atlanta. LaBeouf had insulted Soulja during a freestyle on Sway in the Morning a few weeks earlier, and once Soulja caught wind of it, he made sure to let his feelings be known. LaBeouf responded with another freestyle yesterday.

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