Soulja Boy has got the time and energy to balance multiple beefs, following words for Shia LaBeouf with a diss track directed at Migos member Quavo. Late Monday evening (Dec. 5), SB dropped “Beef (Quavo Diss)” setting it off with a number of tweets and Instagram posts to boot.

Twitter, naturally, had plenty to say on the matter, Soulja Boy becoming a trending topic, something the rapper took notice of, writing, "Trending on these niggaz fuck @QuavoStuntin i got more money and followers." As for an online consensus, most are questioning Soulja Boy's motives, Quavo having, by all accounts, one of the best years in rap, his dizzying array of guest features elevating his profile dramatically.

The counterargument though positions Soulja as a digital legend, one user writing, "soulja boy invented the internet nobody can beat him on his own turf." All of this mess comes a few weeks after Soulja Boy and Lil Yachty exchanged words online over model India Love, Yachty eventually saying that SB did it all for attention. “That whole thing…everything he said was a lie,” Yachty said. “He was just talking, it was just fake… old pictures from a year ago.”

Check the above gallery for a sample of Twitter reactions, with the newly ignited beef likely to have some escalation or resolution forthcoming.