Soulja Boy has been making headline after headline in 2019, and we're only two weeks in. Big Drako appeared on The Breakfast Club on Wednesday (Jan. 16), and he gave the internet enough gold to last them a lifetime in just 54 minutes.

According to Soulja, who claims he had the biggest comeback of 2018, there would be no Drake and no 6ix9ine if it weren't for his existence. At some points of the interview, he points to his perceived status as a viral rap pioneer. At others, he speaks on the dangerous mudslide he says almost claimed his life. Unsurprisingly, he also had some words for Kanye West, a person he called out just a few days ago.

“You up here supporting Trump, bruh?” Soulja said, questioning Kanye. “What the fuck wrong with you, bruh? You need to stop supporting Trump, bruh.”

6ix9ine, Drake and Kanye talk only scratched the surface of topics Soulja offered his takes on during the chat with Angela Yee, DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God, though. For your convenience, the XXL staff has put together a full list of the craziest things Soulja Boy had to say on The Breakfast Club today below. —Additional reporting from Kai Acevedo, Marisa Mendez and Tony M. Centeno

  • Soulja Boy Once Again Explains How He Had Biggest Comeback of 2018

    Following a few beefs and being counted out, Soulja says his bounce back was the best of last year.

    "The proof is in the puddin'. Look at me. I had the biggest comeback of 2018 period.”
    “When I say 'comeback' I don't mean that I fell off and I had to get back on. I'm not saying I had the biggest comeback. I'm like, yo in 2016, 2017 I got into all those problems with the Migos, Chris Brown, Shia LeBeouf and this person and that person and I was presenting it such a way that people counted me out."

  • Soulja Boy Questions Tyga Having the Biggest Comeback of 2018.

    Soulja Boy also takes a shot at Tyga.

    "Tyga had a record, but what else he did have? ... TYGA?! Tyga?!" This nigga sitting here talking about Tyga. The nigga that lost his bitch to Travis Scott? The nigga that Travis Scott nutted in his bitch and got her pregnant. Him? He had the biggest comeback?"

  • Soulja Boy Says He’s the Reason a Lot of Artists Have Gotten Signed

    Soulja Boy claims he gave several noteworthy rap stars their first big break.

    “I started this internet. I started the wave. I’m the reason why these new artists are getting signed. I’m the reason why there’s a Lil Pump. I discovered Chief Keef. I’m the first big artist to work with Lil B, Keef, Riff Raff — everybody. Any of these artists that are hot right now. Rich the Kid use to sleep on my couch. Famous Dex — I was the first person to fly Famous Dex to LA. He was Stacks On Deck Money Gang before he signed to Rich the Kid.”

  • Soulja Boy Says He’s the Blueprint for the Streaming Era

    Soulja Boy believes his Internet hustle inspired the current era.

    “These record labels set their blueprint behind me. I’m the reason why they streaming right now," he said. "When I first came out they said hip hop was dead.”

  • Soulja Boy Says Chris Brown is the Reason Their Boxing Match Didn’t Happen

    Soulja Boy says Chris Brown backed out of their boxing match.

    “We set up the fight. I signed the paperwork and then Chris Brown backed out. He ain’t sign the paperwork. That’s the end of it.”

  • Soulja Boy Speaks on Being Scammed into Thinking He was A Father

    Soulja Boy thanks the internet for bringing the truth to the light.

    “I got finessed! Bitch finessed me. I thought I was going to be a father. Bitch sent me a fake baby picture trying to get some money out of me for an abortion. It was fake. Thank God I posted it, because the internet told me it was fake. I appreciate y'all.”

  • Soulja Boy Says His SouljaWatch Brand Is Legit

    Soulja Boy compares his watch brand to Apple.

    “My product is legit, my product is assembled in China, just like the iPhone. If you turn your iPhone around and ok at the back it says 'made in China,' so why are they knocking me for getting my product made in China, but they’re praIsing the iPhone, this overpriced-ass shit?”

  • Soulja Boy Speaks on Home Invasion

    With his life in jeopardy, Soulja Boy says he had to do what he had to do.

    “I had to do that. I had to shoot them niggas. They would’ve killed me. Imagine if I didn’t start shooting. It was five niggas with guns. They probably would've did all types of shit. I didn’t have no choice. I just started shooting. I didn’t think of nothing. I just started shooting.”

  • Soulja Boy Almost Died in Mudslide Accident

    Soulja Boy says his mudslide experience was “scary as fuck.”

    “Yeah, I almost lost my life. God is good. It was scary as fuck. I’m not use to no shit like that. I never seen no weather like that. I’m driving. We in a BMW. It’s dark. It’s raining. The road starts flooding. You know when the road starts flooding, your car starts sliding and shit. I live in Malibu right by the water. We was at the bottom of the mountain, so shit was falling. Mud and rocks were falling from the mountain, because of all of the rain. It went under the car. When it went under the car my car got stuck in the mud slide. My tires was spinning I couldn’t move. It was raining so much that the water started rising up. When the water start rising up it started coming in the window.”

  • Soulja Boy Speaks on Kanye West

    Soulja Boy hasn’t been feeling Kanye West’s recent moves.

    “You ain’t Walt Disney. You ain’t none of that, bruh. You kiss them folks ass at Louis Vuitton and you kiss them folks ass at Adidas. You came out with two goofy-ass pairs of tennis shoes. That ain’t enough bruh. I’m younger than you. I’m flyer than you. Whatever, nigga. You crying on Twitter every week about Drake, but you gotta stop that shit, bruh! You look lame. You look cap. And real street niggas, young kids like me and the generation looking at you like you goofy. You up here supporting Trump and shit bruh.”

  • Soulja Boy Speaks On Drake

    According to Soulja Boy, Drake stole his flow.

    “Stop playing with me like I didn’t teach drake everything he knows," Soulja said. "Y’all ain’t hear Drake on his first song [recites lyrics to “Miss Me”] that’s Soulja! That’s my bars. He copied my whole fucking flow word for word, bar for bar. Don’t act like I didn’t make Drake. Don’t do that. I’ll son niggas in a heartbeat.”

  • Soulja Boy Cosigns Blueface

    "I like him. I'm a fan. I met him and me and him got some shit coming."

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