Exchange LA, a nightclub in Los Angeles, filed a lawsuit against a promotion company called Movement Management, which apparently reps Snoop Dogg (who's now known as Snoop Lion). According to the suit, Movement Management made an arrangement to book Snoop for an appearance at the nightclub on June 30th for a cost of $25,000. In order to secure Snoop’s arrival, the nightclub claims it paid a $15,000 deposit to the promoter. The trouble sparked when several days after the imbursement, Movement Management backed out of Snoop’s appearance, as the rapper was double-booked, and couldn’t keep the Exchange LA engagement. According to TMZ, Snoop was actually in Europe when the event occurred.

Rightfully so, Exchange LA demanded the return of its money, but after months of delay, Movement Management still hasn’t given back the payment. Exchange LA has now filed a suit against Movement Management for breach of contract and fraud, demanding $100,000 in damages, plus the return of $15,000 in deposit. —XXL Staff (@XXL)