Three months after Gucci debuted their controversial sweater that was criticized for its resemblance to Blackface, Snoop Dogg has a legit question about the status of the Gucci ban, which was an initiative T.I. announced shortly after the sweater's unveiling in February.

In an Instagram post he uploaded Wednesday (May 8), Uncle Snoop asks his 31.5 million followers if they've heard anything about whether the "Gucci ban" is over. Apparently, he saw recently saw people wearing the clothing brand, which several rappers criticized—and subsequently "banned"—after the brand created a racially insensitive long-sleeve sweater, and wondered if the viral protest was over.

"I seen some niggas wearing Gucci the other day so is the ban off or not?" Snoop asks his followers. "Y'all gotta let me know because I got a buncha shit in here I ain't give away yet. Niggas wearing Gucci again or not? Cuz y'all aint say nothing about the niggas that had it on the other night. If I wear it, y'all gone talk shit?"

Snoop's inquiry comes three months after Gucci came under fire for designing and releasing a wool balaclava jumper that resembles a person in blackface. The garment got plenty of negative feedback from many social media users including hip-hop artists who have supported the brand over the years. Gucci ultimately issued an apology, but T.I. didn't accept it.

"APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED!!!!" T.I. said in his lengthy Instagram post about the brand's apology. "We ain’t going for this “oops my bad I didn’t mean to be racist and disrespectful towards your people” shit!!! Y’all knew wtf y’all was doin and WE AINT GOING FOR IT!!! We ALL GOTTA Stop buying,wearing,and supporting this piece of shit company And ALL PIECE OF SHIT COMPANIES UNTIL THEY LEARN TO RESPECT OUR DOLLARS & VALUE OUR BUSINESS!!!! Our culture RUNS THIS SHIT!!! We (People of color) spend $1.25 TRILLION/year (but are the least respected and the least included)and if we stop buying ANYTHING they MUST correct any and ALL of our concerns.

In the months after Gucci's racial faux-pas, artists like Soulja Boy, Jean Grae, Russell Simmons and more denounced the brand and supported a ban on its products. 50 Cent even chimed in by burning his Gucci sweater and bashing Dapper Dan, a Harlemite who introduced Gucci to the rap industry, for his continued affiliation with the brand.

Watch what Snoop Dogg has to say about the supposed ban below.

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