Smokepurpp links up with Juicy J for new song "Streets Love Me." As fans wait for Deadstar to be release, Smoke drops a record that his fans should love. "Streets Love Me," which is produced by Ice Bream, finds the South Florida native and Juicy rapping about their affinity for the streets.

"Really rockin' through the streets/Drink a pint of eight, run through four like every week/Lil Purpp, Lil Purrp, Lil Purrp pop five xans it's cool/Lil Purpp, Lil Purrp, Lil Purrp diamonds wet like pool/Came in with the work, pussy niggas talkin' he can get murked/Niggas sayin' that they lookin for me I'ma put his ass on a shirt," Smoke raps.

Juicy J comes in and hits a home run: "Momma told me I should go to school and get a job/But instead I went and got some work, now I'm in charge/Spendin' money, livin' large/Half a mill' in my garage."

Since signing to music executive Todd Moscowitz's new label Alamo Records back in March, Smokepurpp has seen his stock rise to new heights. Bump "Streets Love Me" below.

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