One of the hottest new rappers right now is Smokepurpp, who's gearing up to release his highly anticipated mixtape, DEADSTAR. To keep fans happy he releases "Audi.," a cut off from his upcoming mixtape.

Produced by Ronny J, the song has already amassed over 100,000 plays in 24 hours. Be careful when you play this on your sound system; the bass on this is ridiculous. You've been warned.

"I don't want friends, I want Audis (what?)/Smokin' on boof and it's Maui (ayy)/I'll check that bitch like I'm Maury (ayy)/Sorry, bitch, I don't say sorry/Look at my cup, it got dope (dope)/I bend her over like slope (slope)/Bitch's ass cleaner than soap (ayy)/Dick in her mouth, then she choke," he raps.

Fresh off signing a major label deal with Todd Moscowitz's Alamo Records, DEADSTAR is going to be Smoke's proclamation to hip-hop that's he's the next one up.

"DEADSTAR is my swan song, if you will," he said in an email. "Not saying I'm going to die soon or stop making music, but this is me transitioning into a new form. 'Audi' will be very pleasing for those who followed me from the beginning because it has elements of the what people are used to. But the new project as a whole isn't fully indicative of that sound. DEADSTAR is me going deeper into the abyss, deeper into my vices and deeper into the void."

Bump "Audi" below.

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