Smino teased his latest song, "New Coupe, Who Dis?" earlier this week and now shares the full collaboration with Mick Jenkins.

Produced by Smino and THEMpeople, "New Coupe, Who Dis?" features a bouncy, soulful beat, as Jenkins and Smino smoothly flow over the instrumental with clever world play and catchy hooks. "Killin' these niggas stylistically is a crack rock form/He speaks facts with the caps lock on/Hit 'em in the purse, I know that spirit hurts worse/Excuse my language, I know the truth sounds like curse words," Jenkins spits.

Along with a verse on the track, Smino also handles the song's chorus, rapping, "I pull up (creepin'), new coupe (beamin'), who dis? (schemin')/Watchin' TV in the headrest (this is automatic), lay down/I pull up (creepin'), new coupe (Bimmer), who dis? (schemin')/Watchin' TV in the headrest (what your lil ass be watchin'?), lay down."

Smino's latest track arrives a month after he teamed up with Bari for the song "Home Invaders." Like "New Coupe, Who Dis?" "Home Invaders" is also produced by Smino, along with additional production from Phoelix.

Up next for Smino, the rapper will begin a mini tour that will kick off on May 30 in Brooklyn. The "Wild Irish Roses" rapper will play one more show in New York on May 31 before heading to Los Angeles for two performances on June 6 and June 8.

Listen to "New Coupe, Who Dis?" below.

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