Slowbucks either isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer or he is a master at pushing buttons. Just a few short months after getting his chain snatched by 50 Cent's goons for hanging out with 50's son, Marquise Jackson, and posting it on Instagram, Slow posted another picture with Fif's son on the social media outlet. The two apparently spent the day together as Slowbucks posted the following caption with the pic:

"My lil bro @199viq (Marquise Jackson) came threw 2day & kicked it with me .. We stopped in the 50's & checked my n%a@Meech_TheBoss out & cleared the racks out over@GetSetNYC then went threw Da 90's 2 check@Bz718 & Da #GSC BOYZ #BQE sh!t F%k all that negative sh!t this is #Family sh!t #LikeDis"

Marquise showed love to SBOE's latest project via Instagram earlier this month and despite the ongoing problems between Slowbucks and 50 Cent, Fif's son continues to hang with the Queens crew. Based on 50's mastery of IG, we're waiting on a response.