Skooly has come a long way since the "My Partna Dem" days, and he's still going in. On Friday (March 2), he released his new EP, Don't You Ever Forget Me 2.

This is Skooly's third offering in the last five months. Back in November, he put out the project, BacCWArdFeELiNgS, which features Young Thug and 2 Chainz.

DYEFM2 is the follow-up EP to Don't You Ever Forget Me Vol. 1, which just came out last month. Part two has the seven tracks from the original version, plus seven more bangers.The one feature is 2 Chainz on the previously-released "Habits."

If plans go accordingly, this is the second in a trilogy Skooly is going to put out. "I dropped my first album a while ago and it did well and I sold out my first concert double," he tells XXL. "I’m back, I’m here, and you can never forget me. To all the people I've helped, there’s no way they can forget me. I’ve been known to wait a long time to release projects but I’m jumping out of that rhythm to do this, like a one, two, three punch, back to back to back. I’m on a different path, I’m here, I’m not playing."

Listen to Skooly's new Don't You Ever Forget Me 2 EP below.

Skooly's Don't You Ever Forget Me 2 Tracklist.

1. "Freak Hill"
2. "Mazi Truck"
3. "Backstreet Boy"
4. "Really Rich"
5. "Catchin a Cold"
6. "Moving Too Fast"
7. "Stone Cold Killer"
8. "Dirty Dawg 'Insane'"
9. "White Balenciaga"
10. "Habit Feat. 2 Chainz
11. "Racist"
12. "Leakin"
13. "Turn It Down"
14. "Pain on Me"


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